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Kiddie Lunch Idea: Spam Musubi with Coke 

Making Spam Musubi – or really, Maling would do just as fine, is really easy and simple. Only 5 ingredients and you’d be all set for a great kiddie lunch or baon for work! It must be the season -Im so into Hawaiian food these…


How to make a Quick and Easy Chicken Teriyaki 

This is an easy chicken recipe that you can do in under 30 minutes. Sometimes, when I’m not into the Fried Chicken mood, or Adobo feels, I end up making this chicken recipe. Today, that’s just what happened. I’m not in the mood to cook…


Chicken In Sprite 

This Chicken in Sprite recipe is so Pinoy with a mix of salty, sour, sweet and spicy. Try something new in your kitchen today! Once in a while, there would be a storm of food photos using the same recipe in the Philippine food groups…