How To Make Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee

This is series two of my #freshcoffeebeans series with @tgcsocialentrep, and Henry and Sons, the people behind the Bloom Coffee, a batch of coffee blends, each with a chosen campaign project like education, potable water, livelihood programs, scholarship, and health. Each bag sold donates a percentage of the proceeds to each particular project. My favorite is the Bean to Bag project!

Series 1 is here: Changing the World With Coffee 

So the thing is, after attending the bloggers event, I went home with couple bags of fresh coffee beans, and goodness gracious me, I don’t even have a coffee maker, much less those new fangled coffee machines. I don’t even have an idea what a French Press is. (Educate me please!)

But I can’t get them go to waste or get old and lose it’s freshness. I don’t want to give them away either (hehe). So I went and checked friend Google about what I can possibly do with my loot.

I discovered Vietnamese Coffee, which uses cold brew coffee. It turns out that cold brew coffee is exactly what it means and is so easy to make at home. Just get a cup of ground coffee beans, put it in a big glass, then slowly add 4 cups of water. Now I’m not sure if you’re supposed to use a special type of water but I used tap water. Cover it with a clean piece of cloth (I used the handy dandy baby lampin), and leave it for 12 hours. So prepare ahead if you want it at a certain time. I ended up enjoying it in the morning.

The pot I used have this metal sieve and I poured the entire concoction over it. If you don’t have this, you can use a clean cloth (like the lampin) and let it drip. See? Really easy.  That’s the cold brew part.

How to prepare your Vietnamese coffee?

Get a glass, add condensed milk (to your taste), add ice cubes, then slowly pour your cold pressed coffee. Which is not really pressed, more like separated from the beans. But that’s beside the point right? Or is it?


So remember I said I had this glass in the morning? I usually consume 2-3 mugs of coffee in the morning -the regular instant kind and that makes my day. I drank this instead and interestingly (ugh that word), it wasnt bitter like I expected it to be. It tasted fresh and I’m looking forward to doing it again tomorrow. All four cups of it.


Under the @tgcsocialentrep program, are the Bloom signature blends crafted with the intent of having proceeds sent to programs that make coffee farmers’ lives easier. This includes The Giving well (Potable Water for Farmers), Cup to Seed (Livelihood programs in-between harvests), Coffee for Great Minds (Scholarships for the farmer’s children)Beans for the Little Ones (Vaccines for improving their children’s health), and Beans within Reach (A traceability system that connects buyers to La Trinidad’s own coffee origin). For more information on how to support the initiative, please follow the TGC facebook page at or buy a bag!

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