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Fluffy Cheese Mushroom Omelette

mushroom omelette
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It’s not easy to find your go-to low carb recipe that’s easy, cheap, and tasty. I get it. It’s had enough to stay on your course for a healthier you. It’s all the preparation that really gets me off track.

So today I’m sharing this mushroom omelette recipe for a healthy breakfast that can stand on its own as a low carb, keto-friendly, but can also be eaten by the kids and hubby who are not on the low carb plan. You can cook this for the long term, long after the low carb diet phase has passed your When I’m feeling lazy to prepare anything, much less go through the whole rigmarole of meal planning, I just cook this one. The best thing is, you can cook it for breakfast, lunch, and my, my, even dinner! Lol.

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