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Dear Mom, Life is what we make of it. Two years ago, after a decade of relative success in the Metro, our family business plummeted to nothing -taking with it almost everything we own including our

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Homeschooling 2016


Its that time of the year again. We have decided to continue with Homeschooling and this year, we're re-enrolling at Homeschool at the Fort (which is transferring to Homeschool at Valle Verde, yay!) for his Grade 7 extra curriculars. Valle Verde is so much nearer and we wont have to take a cab to get to it.

Homeschooling 20162016-05-31T08:18:20+08:00

Writing and Digressing


 Many, many years ago. Well, that sounds like an introduction to a rather long, convoluted story that my husband would make for our three year old daughter but I digress. Which is the point of

Writing and Digressing2016-01-03T10:01:28+08:00
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