Rice hack reduces sugar and starch from rice + my 3 favorite leftover rice recipe

The problem with rice is that it is full of starch and sugar. Although it is an important part of the human diet, too much starch can be undesirable, especially for those trying to lose weight or diabetics. Fortunately, there is a way to eliminate starch when cooking certain foods, such as rice.

Rice, just like any other carbohydrate is made up of 2 starches. The 2 starches that make up rice are Amylose and Amylopectin. It is the ratio of these starches that determine if a particular carb classifies as RDS (Rapidly Digestible Starch) or SDS (Slowly Digestible Starch). Rice has higher Amylopectin to Amylose ratio therefore classifying it as an RDS while Oats has higher Amylose to Amylopectin ratio classifying it as an RDS.

Okay, that was a little geeky, but we all know that Oatmeal is healthier than rice. That’s because oatmeal provides energy while digesting slowly in our blood stream without spiking blood glucose levels. What if we can make rice a bit more like Oatmeal?

Enter Grayns. Grayns is the first and only rice cooker in the world that reduces starch out of rice. It removes starch from rice and other starch sources lowering calorie content as well as sugar and glycemic load. Cooking rice in the Grayns Rice cooker dramatically reduces its Glycemic Load thereby making it highly recommendable for reducing the risk of diabetes, weight gain, and cardiovascular diseases.

There are other ways of removing starch from your rice such as this technique but  according to Kevin Co, American Technologies and Grayns Philippines president, their target market are busy people who don’t have the time to prepare and cook their rice as long. Grayns is definitely easier than soaking and removing water plus boiling and washing the rice.

The Grayns Rice Cooker that looks like R2D2 on this angle.

Does it totally remove carbs? Can you eat all the rice you want? As health coach and fitness mentor Joseph Pagulayan said, in his talk about fitness and healthy living, everything in moderation. With an active and healthy lifestyle, you can rest easy that you are taking good care of your body.

Rice on the Grayns strainer.
Cooking rice just like a regular rice cooker.
The model with a Grayn Rice cooker.

Grayns can cook other food with starch, such as pasta and potatoes. Rice cooked in Grayns Rice Cooker lasts much longer even at room temperature. It can last up to 5 days outside the refrigerator! My favorite part is that it also doubles up the rice volume, effectively feeding more people. Tipid at Sulit!

Having said that, here’s my segue! Here are 3 of my favorite left over rice recipe at RelaxlangMom. Cook it with Grayns and be full without all the sugar and starch!





Try these and let me know how it went!

PS: This is a sponsored post. All opinion is mine. Check Grayns out at their website and Facebook here. Grayns rice cooker is available at Lazada and Rustans.

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