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Greetings fellow moms and parents! It’s April from Relax Lang Mom with more tasty parenting tips and tricks. Today I want to share how I livened up a classic Filipino pork stew recipe while keeping it quick and easy for busy weeknights. I used the Imarflex Turbo cooker

For lunch, I was looking for a “maiba naman recipe” for pork. I still had a kilo of Adobo cut from Monterey and I saw this pork stew recipe from Aling Oday’s. I was actually looking for the American Pork Stew and this one was labeled Filipino Pork Stew. I got curious because the recipe looks a bit different from our usual stew. It’s somehow akin to Adobo but there’s no vinegar and it uses bell pepper which is a festive ingredient here in the Philippines and usually reserved for non everyday special dishes like Caldereta. It’s the first time I came across it so I decided to give it a try.

Pork Stew Cooking Tips

I changed the recipe a bit and added cornstarch because I thought it was a bit thin. It can be a basic weeknight recipe when you’re tired from work and wants to do something simple. The bell pepper adds something special and it smells good. You can probably use any kind of bell pepper or a combination of red and green which can elevate this recipe to the handaan table.

This stew has such a comforting warmth to it, perfect for balikbayan weather here in the Philippines or chasing away the chill for FilAm families abroad. The pork absorbs so much rich flavor from the peppers and garlic. Speaking of garlic, feel free to add more or less to suit your taste. Garlic powah!

I cut the potatoes a bit small for this pork stew but you can go ahead a just quarter a medium potato. Since I used the Imarflex Turbo cooker, I was done in 20 minutes =it really makes your work faster but this dish was actually originally designed for the stovetop so no worries there. It’s a great recipe too because apart from the bell pepper, all the ingredients can usually be found in a regular Filipino kitchen. You can just dump everything in the pot and leave it to cook on its own too. But I cheated a bit by sauteing -or not really sauteing but more like “sangkutsa -ing or browning. Because I was feeling a bit extra today, 😍 I also fried the potatoes which brings a bit more texture to the potatoes.

The whole family couldn’t stop asking for second and third helpings of this pork recipe Pinoy style. An easy weeknight hit! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter below for more tasty recipes and parenting hacks.

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