Easy Fried Eggplant


Eggplants are tasty, adaptable, and budget friendly. In times of "petsa de peligro", they are great for assorted meals that are filling and Try an easy fried eggplant to go  with your main dish or

Easy Fried Eggplant2020-11-07T20:12:30+08:00

Eggplant Spaghetti


Eggplant Spaghetti is a great dish and new food recipe for a no meat Friday. This is a nice filling dish, very budget meal  friendly, and a very healthy recipe too. There are times when we

Eggplant Spaghetti2020-11-07T20:13:30+08:00

Calamares Ampalaya Recipe


Moms have been guilty of this, one time or another. Trying to sneak in vegetables to your kids is an art in itself. This Calamares Ampalaya recipe is a winner!

Calamares Ampalaya Recipe2020-08-09T07:40:07+08:00

How to make Vegetable Tempura


It happens that I cant afford shrimps or prawns for tempura. But when I'm looking for something to pair with fish or any regular pancit, vegetable tempura comes to the rescue.  It's a great way

How to make Vegetable Tempura2020-11-07T20:25:22+08:00

Homemade Tofu Sisig Ala Max


One of our favorite at Max is their Tofu Sisig. It is such a delicious but healthy treat and if you love tofu, you will love this easy recipe. You can do this at home

Homemade Tofu Sisig Ala Max2020-11-07T20:25:22+08:00

Recipes for Lent


As the faithful gets ready for the Holy Week, here are some easy and budget friendly recipes to help you plan your meals. These are nutritious, delicious, and Lent approved! Veggies    

Recipes for Lent2017-07-29T18:18:50+08:00
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