15 Pinoy Low Carb Side Dishes Idea


Low Cab Side dishes to partner with your ulam.  For Pinoy cooking, the concept of sides does not really exist. Rather we have a pairing of main dish (proteins) and vegetable on the table. Plus

15 Pinoy Low Carb Side Dishes Idea2020-08-09T06:48:50+08:00

Ginisang Pinakbet sa Giniling (Tagalog)


Ginisang Pinakbet Tagalog is a mixture of Filipino Vegetables but unlike in its original version, there is no Alamang (shrimp paste) or Bagoong (fermented fish) as a flavoring. It is usually sauteed in pork. This

Ginisang Pinakbet sa Giniling (Tagalog)2020-08-09T06:49:06+08:00

How to make Vegetable Tempura


It happens that I cant afford shrimps or prawns for tempura. But when I'm looking for something to pair with fish or any regular pancit, vegetable tempura comes to the rescue.  It's a great way

How to make Vegetable Tempura2020-11-07T20:25:22+08:00

Fried Pancit Canton


I see this Fried Pancit Canton in Chinese Restaurants but either I'm not adventurous enough or there's just too many choice that I always forget to try this. So yesterday, I was looking for something

Fried Pancit Canton2020-11-07T20:25:23+08:00

Adobong Kangkong


In the province, what we do is just get Kangkong in the backyard and do an instant Kangkong Adobo. When we went to Manila, I was shocked at how much these kangkong costs. I tried

Adobong Kangkong2020-08-09T06:45:16+08:00

Vegetarian Kare Kare Recipe with Tofu


I love Kare Kare but sometimes, for health reasons, and when we're trying to avoid pork, I cook this Vegetarian Kare Kare Recipe with Tofu. I still get the creamy taste of peanut butter and

Vegetarian Kare Kare Recipe with Tofu2020-01-14T16:37:49+08:00
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