21 Refrigerator and Icebox Cakes To Make This Summer

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It’s summer once again and times like this, there’s no better thing than to make and eat Refrigerator cakes! They’re cool, easy to make, and most of all, no baking required.

I discovered icebox cakes with Graham’s Feeling Expert sa Dessert Series, or was it Del Monte? Remember that Mango Graham and Tiramisu Cakes? There isn’t a celebration in our house that doesn’t have one or two of those. And almost every house has their own version. It’s easy to understand why. These no bake desserts requires no oven to make!

What exactly is an Icebox cake?

An Icebox cake or a refrigerator cake does not need an oven to work it’s magic. You need a ref! (Or an icebox of course, hahahaha!) They’re the easiest dessert to make and something you can whip up in hours notice. Mostly you just need crackers, wafers, or cookies, plus a can or two of condensed milk and Nestle Cream.

With summer coming fast, everyone’s looking for something cool to eat. And don’t forget the fruits! We have so many fruits than we know what to do with and one of the easiest way to preserve them is to make them into refrigerator cakes! (if you can make your family wait that long.)

I made a list of my favorite Refrigerator cakes from around the web and I hope you get more ideas from them!


21 Refrigerator and Icebox Cakes To Make This Summer




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