Maya Oven Toaster Butter Cake Mix x Hanabishi Air Fryer -A Match Made in Heaven

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Well hey there friends, April here with some thoughts on using a Hanabishi Hafeo air fryer to bake a Maya oven toaster butter cake mix!

First things first – let me say I love any combo of words that start with all the letters M-A-Y-A. It rolls off the tongue like a dreamy mantra. But I digress!

While air fryers are best known for crunchy treats like fries and chicken wings, many modern multi-cookers such as the HAFEO Hanabishi Air Fryer can certainly handle cake baking duties. The convection heat and circulating hot air of the Hanabishi mimic an oven’s environment nicely. Just be sure to grease the basket well so your butter cake doesn’t stick.

Since being stationed on my island here in Marinduque, I’ve been experimenting more with pre-mixed cake mixes to cut down on ingredients I can’t easily obtain. The Maya Oven Toaster butter cake mix has been a family favorite.

I followed the instructions on the packet to cream together the butter and eggs until light and fluffy. Then I mixed in the dry cake mix and milk until just combined.

Maya Oven Toaster Butter Cake Mix x Hanabishi Air Fryer -A Match Made in Heaven 1

I used the regular rectangular baking pan. I pored the batter into the pan and smoothed it out evenly then covered with aluminum foil.

I set the Hafeo Hanabishi Air Fryer temperature dial to 170C and selected the convection bake function. I set the timer to check it at 10 minutes then added 2 minutes more since ovens can vary.

After 12 minutes, the cake was lightly golden on top and a toothpick inserted came out clean. I let it cool fully in the pan before transferring to a wire rack.

The final results were a moist, fluffy butter cake with a slightly crunchy exterior crust – almost like it was baked fresh from the oven! My little ones gobbled it up and said it was even better than store bought.

Here are some other delicious desserts you can bake in the Hanabishi HAFEO air fryer oven:

  • Cake layers – Yellow cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake etc. Grease the baking pan well for perfect rounds.
  • Cupcakes – Line a muffin pan with papers for easy removal. No greasing needed.
  • Brownies – For fudgy or cakey brownies, grease the pan or use foil for easy slicing.
  • Cookies – Use the air fry function to bake a fresh batch of chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin or shortbread cookies.
  • Fruit crisps/crumbles – Top local fruits like mangoes or bananas with a streusel topping and bake until bubbling.
  • Custard tarts – Blind bake mini tart shells, then fill and bake until set. My kids love homemade egg tarts.
  • Sweet rolls – Convey bake dough until puffed and golden for dinner rolls or cinnamon rolls.
  • Pies – Whether sweet potato, leche flan or classic coconut cream, pies turn out perfectly in the HAFEO.
  • Macarons – For the challenge, try baking these perfectly round French cookies in one batch.

The options are endless! I find baking desserts in the oven makes my island home smell like a cozy cafe. The kiddos also love decorating their own fresh-baked treats.

Between the multi-function design and convenient baking space, I’ve been so pleased with how well the Hanabishi air fryer oven bakes up mixes like the Maya cake. It’s perfect for satisfying my sweet tooth on the island.

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