Skinless Longganisa( Hamonado Style)

Skinless Longganisa( Hamonado Style)


    • 1/4 cup vinegar (I used Datu Puti)
    • 1/2 kilo LEAN ground pork >>Make sure its LEAN -shouldn’t have fats or else it will fall part)
    • 1cup golden brown sugar (this helps with the color)
    • Longanisa Quick Mix
    • Longnisa Extender
    • Red food color (optional)
    • Plastics -for wrapping.


  • Soak the extender just enough to make it moist. Dont let it float. About 2-3 minutes. Mix with the ground pork.
  • Add the Longanisa Quick Mix.
  • Add the vinegar
  • Add the sugar
  •  Drop a couple of food coloring (if using)
  • Put in the freezer for about 30 minutes to firm up the meat.
  •  Form into Longanisa sausage or even patties if you desire. I use the Ice Plastic that you can buy from the market and cut it up in 2. You can also use wax paper.
  • If you’re selling these, weigh each one into 15 gms per sausage.
  •   Fry in low fire so the sugar will not be burned.HOW TO MIX FOOD COLOR.
    Mix 1/4 teaspoon food color plus 1/8c water. You can also use atsuete but it’s pricier than food color.
  • Notes:
    You can add minced garlic if you want it garlicky.
    If using hog casing, you can use 50-50 fat at lean for a juicier and yummier Longanisa.

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