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Beef Morcon Recipe -Morcon ala Emilia

Beef Morcon Recipe- Morcon Ala Emilia Filipino Christmas Food
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This Beef Morcon Recipe, lovingly called Morcon ala Emilia is a recipe shared by Chef Myrna Segismundo at the Maya Kitchen Cooking class for the Culinary Elite Series for her December Christmas menu.

Beef Morcon is a classic Filipino Christmas Food and mostly served only for the Noche Buena menu and on special occasions. Honestly, I have no memory of this dish ever being served at our house except for Christmas. I also remember this dish being prepared for my sons baptism, cooked by a relative.

She shares that this beef morcon recipe is made by her mother and she has been faithful on how her mother made it, even ignoring  cooking techniques taught by cooking schools. Watching her make it though, I was nodding my head because this is also how we made this dish in our province except that ours have tomato paste. Like in Batangas Morcon, there is no need to brown the meat too!

It is alright to buy a cheap cut of meat for your beef morcon, maybe an eye round and and have the butcher cut it ala tapa. Feel free to pound it so the meat will be softer. Chef Myrna shares that it is useless to buy the softest (and priciest) cut of meat because morcon is a stew anyway and you will cook it for a long time. Cheap cuts are also so much tastier!

If you’re looking for a quality chorizo, she mentioned El Rey or Marca El Rey Chorizo de Bilbao. In the Philippines, Marca El Rey is considered THE chorizo, But you can equally just use the canned Purefoods chorizo if that is too hard to find. Food snobs might frown at the canned chorizo though. It definitely tastes better to have real chorizo because it is much tastier but there you have it. It really depends on your options and budget. Don’t use hotdogs or Vienna sausage though. Because the point of the chorizo is for that smoked peppery sweet salty flavor that works so well with tomato sauce. For the titas, it’s actually considered a secret ingredient to most sauces.

I mentioned in one of the posts I wrote that Chef Myrna Segismundo is funny and engaging. I also want to mention that she’s a very practical cook. She has no trouble suggesting that you put scraps of pork lying around, bits of bacon fat and ham specially at Christmas and you have these in extra. They can extend your morcon and add so much to the flavor too!

Beef Morcon Recipe

On sauteing.

So there’s been a raging debate since forever, over which to add on the pan first, whether garlic or onion. I am a garlic first warrior. This is Chef Myrna’s input. while discussing her beef morcon recipe, we happened to discuss the which one comes first issue. According to her, there really is no right or wrong way and it’s a matter of preference. We Filipinos have it garlic first because we want the garlic crunchy or tostado. Mediterranean style cooking have the onions first because they want to sweat the onions -so there. I hope that piece of trivia helped for your next cooking adventure! :)

So there you have it! The most important part of your Christmas menu and Filipino Christmas Food! Enjoy!

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