Edible Gifts Made with Love


What do you give someone who seems to have enough? What do you give someone who you don't really know? What do you give someone you love to bits? The answer to this is food!

Edible Gifts Made with Love2021-08-26T12:50:36+08:00

Beef Morcon Recipe -Morcon ala Emilia


This Beef Morcon Recipe, lovingly called Morcon ala Emilia is a recipe shared by Chef Myrna Segismundo at the Maya Kitchen Cooking class for the Culinary Elite Series for her December Christmas menu. Beef Morcon

Beef Morcon Recipe -Morcon ala Emilia2021-08-26T12:50:37+08:00

Slow Cooked Beef Caldereta Recipe


Beef Caldereta is a Filipino beef stew with Spanish heritage. It's one of our specialty dishes and something you'd often find in special occasions. In our small island province though, the most common is kalderetang

Slow Cooked Beef Caldereta Recipe2020-08-09T07:48:26+08:00

Slow Cooked Hardinera 


Hardinera is a dish that we only eat at Christmas or town fiestas. It's like a combination meatloaf and menudo, and somewhat the same as Everlasting - another type of Filipino Meatloaf prepared for Christmas.

Slow Cooked Hardinera 2020-08-09T07:48:35+08:00

How to make Russian Salad


The Russian salad is an easy salad to make for your family and friends. This is usually prepared for special occasions. I first got a taste when I went to Manila. (Back when I was

How to make Russian Salad2020-11-07T20:20:59+08:00
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