Dulce de Leche – An Estrel Caramel Cake Copycat Recipe

Estrels Caramel Cake Copycat Recipe
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Try this Estrel Copycat Caramel Cake Pinoy recipe. I love Chef Nikkos Caramel Cake version as much as I love the original version. 

Have you ever tasted Estrel’s Caramel Cake? The chiffon cake was fluffy, the buttercream frosting was light and creamy, wonderfully sweet but not overwhelmingly so. And the gooey caramel was finger-licking good! Just thinking about it makes my heart flutter.

So this Saturday, I wanted to attend the Artisan Bread Baking Class at The Maya Kitchen in Makati but ended up going there late. Luckily,there’s another baking class that day.

So I attended Chef Nikko’s Demo Class for Nikko’s Baking Studio. Chef Nikko Buendia is the wonder chef from Nikko’s Baking Studio, a cooking school and a hole in the wall restaurant (also in Makati) that serves delicious artisan dishes like yummy breakfasts Spam and Eggs, Adobo Flakes, and Arroz ala Cubana or even pasta! Yummy!

Me and Chef Nikko

She’s a fun baking teacher with little kitchen anecdotes here and there, which, I won’t divulge haha! This day, we studied Japanese Cheesecake (which deserves a post on its own here) and the Caramel Cake otherwise known as the Dulce de Leche Cake. It’s an Estrel Cake Copycat, to better satisfy our cravings when we can’t go to Estrels!

What’s the difference between a caramel cake and our very own yema cake exactly? Its almost the same and has similar baking steps. But the caramel cake is more involved and has buttercream frosting and butter filling.

Chiffon Cake with Caramel
Chiffon Cake with Caramel and Butter Filling

PS. Maya Kitchen regularly holds cooking and baking classes and this July is gonna be exciting!

July 1 – Donut Class (Hands on)
July 8 – Gourmet in a Bottle (Demo)
July 8 – Sushi -Maki 101 (Demo)
July 22 -Locally Filled Pastry Pinoy Bread (Hands on)
July 29 -Bake Magic Together (Demo)
July 29 – 30 Minutes Meal (Hands on)


Here is the famous Estrels Copy Cat Caramel Cake Pinoy recipe!


For Caramel Icing, we used Alaska Evap.
For Dulce de Leche – Chef advises to use Milkmaid Condensed Milk.

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dulce de leche cake recipe estrel copycat caramel cake pinoy recipe

11 thoughts on “Dulce de Leche – An Estrel Caramel Cake Copycat Recipe”

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  2. Is it 4 hours to boil the tin of condensed milk? Seems a long time?
    Also the caramel icing ingredients mentioned 1/4 cup of butter and 1 tsp vanilla but these are not mention in the cooking instruction.
    When should these ingredients to be added?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Clarissa!

      Yes, its really 4 hours. :) You can buy them online if you want to skip that part.

      Also, the missing butter and vanilla!

      Im sorry you can skip that part. I must have unwittingly added it there (I know, not paying attention!) because what I actually do to make the milk caramel (dulce de leche) is to put the milk, butter, and vanilla in a bottle and slow cook it overnight on my slow cooker.

  3. I got really confused with your caramel frosting. So using the double boiler, you mix the evap, boiled condensed milk, cornstarch and sugar?

  4. In Caramel Procedure on No. 2 In the top part of a double boiler, mix cornstarch and sugar. Mix well. What you mean by these? how to do this? Thanks!

  5. I’m a bit confused about the caramel icing instructions. it says mix cornstarch and sugar over double boiler. so just the dry ingrediens. then it says add half of milk. is it half of the evap (even though it says u would need 1 can). then add cooked condensed. i know we need half of this only. So i would guess first part is mix cornstarch and sugar with 1 can evap and then add 1/2 of the cooked condensed. Thanks for any clarifications/explanations and thank you for sharing your recipe

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