Marinated Pork Ribs BBQ in Mama Sita’s BBQ Marinade Sauce – An Easy Oven Baking Hack for Tired Moms

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Easy BBQ Pork Ribs BBQ That’ll Satisfy the Whole Fam

After a long day running kid taxi, the last thing moms want to do is spend hours marinating and slaving over ribs in the kitchen. But BBQ pork ribs are the ultimate crowd-pleasing one-dish wonder – especially when you cheat with store-bought marinade! Look, no judgment there. I’d take no chopping and mixing anytime. 

BBQ pork ribs have deep American roots, tracing back to Native Americans and early settlers slow-cooking meat over fires. As with our Humba or meatballs, ribs became associated with family gatherings and celebrating the simple joys of good food and company. It’s actually a wonder, given our American colony heritage that our BBQ could be so different from the penultimate American Southern BBQ.

These days,, bottled sauces and marinades took BBQ mainstream, promising restaurant-quality results with minimum effort. Taking a lesson from American BBQ brands, locals like Mama Sita’s, Del Monte, etc has launched their own brands which are more in tune with the Filipino palate. One of my favorite, Mama Sita’s, make achieving Filipino BBQ perfection even easier for tired moms.

Pork Ribs BBQ

The Marinating Hack
For easy Pinoy BBQ ribs, marinate pork cut ribs overnight in your favorite bottled sauce. I use them all -Mama Sitas, Del Monte, even Datu Puti’s BBQ marinade. They all work great! Just coat ribs on all sides and let the marinade do the seasoning work while you sleep!

The Pressure Cooker Hack
If you’re pressed for time, just dump your cleaned ribs on the pressure cooker, add the marinade and pressure cook on medium heat for about 30 minutes before grilling. easy!

The Baking Hack
For an even hands free approach, bake marinated ribs in the oven at 275°F for about 2 hours. This avoids messy grilling yet still produces fall-off-the-bone tenderness and succulent BBQ taste.

Here’s the recipe for the Filipino Style Pork Ribs BBQ!

Tips for Fall off The Bone BBQ

Here are my tips for achieving really tender, fall-off-the-bone BBQ pork ribs:

  • Use the right cut of ribs. Spare ribs will be the most tender, as they have more fat and connective tissue to break down.
  • Remove the white membrane from the ribs before marinating. This membrane prevents the marinade from permeating the meat.
  • Marinate the ribs overnight. The longer they soak in an acidic marinade with seasonings, the more tender they’ll become. Turn over the ribs halfway through for maximum flavor absorption.
  • Cover the ribs if baking. Foil or wax paper will trap moisture and speed up the cooking process. Check and baste the ribs with marinade every 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Bake at a low temperature. 275 to 300F is the ideal range. The low, slow heat allows collagen and sinews to fully break down, making the ribs ultra tender. Higher temperatures can dry out the meat.
  • Check for tenderness often. After an hour of baking, test a rib by picking it up and bending it. If it easily snaps in half, it’s ready. The meat should pull cleanly off the bones. You will know when it’s done when the meat pulls off from the bones.
  • Let the ribs rest. Once baked, cover the ribs with foil and let them rest for at least 15 minutes. This allows the juices to reabsorb into the meat, keeping it moist and flavorful.
  • Shred or chop the meat, if desired. Once the ribs are extremely tender, you can pull the meat cleanly off the bones and chop or shred it for sandwiches, tacos, etc. The meat will practically fall apart with no effort.

With patience, the right cuts, our kitchen hacks, and low heat, you’ll soon be enjoying seriously fall-off-the-bone pork ribs that your whole fam will go crazy for! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Make life a little easier with marinated, baked pork ribs tonight. Tomorrow you can think up more ways to make memories around the family table!

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