Savory Sinigang Chicken Wings Made Simply in Your Air Fryer

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Greetings, fellow moms and parents! This is April from coming at you with another easy weeknight dinner idea called for the Sinigang Chicken Wings. I know we’re all busy balancing work, home, and family responsibilities. Finding simple meals that don’t take forever to prepare is so important for maintaining sanity. That’s where my new favorite appliance, the air fryer, really comes in handy.

This week I’m sharing my recipe for sinigang chicken wings made in the air fryer. Sinigang is a classic Filipino sour soup traditionally made with tamarind. The tart and savory flavors are absolutely delicious. Normally it’s a whole pot of soup made with meat like pork, chicken or fish. Well since air fryers have been a real game changer for me in the kitchen, I wanted to see if I could make sinigang using my trusty air fryer too! As you can see from my other Sinigang recipes, recreating this mouth-puckering dish is a bit of a hobby. This streamlined air fryer version allows you to enjoy sinigang flavors without much fuss. Crispy chicken wings paired with a cup of hot rice or even on its own – it’s sure to be a hit with both kids and adults!

Benefits of making Sinigang Chicken Wings in the air fryer:

  • Super quick cook time. Unlike baking wings in the oven, the air fryer crisps them up in just 15-20 minutes. No preheating required!
  • Little to no mess. Since it’s a small batch cooked upright in the air fryer basket, there’s minimal splatter and cleanup compared to deep frying.
  • Healthier than deep frying. The air fryer uses hot air circulation instead of submerging the wings in oil. They come out crispy on the outside but still moist inside.
  • All the bold Filipino flavors in a snack-sized portion. Enjoy the bright, tangy flavors of sinigang without having to make a whole pot of soup.

The recipe I used called for chicken wings (or legs or drumsticks!) marinated in Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok Mix Original flavoring mix. I actually found this Chicken recipe at the Knorr website and decided to recreate it with a few minor tweaks.  For those of you not in the Philippines, this is a ready made mix with tamarind concentrate, spices and other flavors that really adds amazing depth and authentic taste to sinigang. If this is not available, you can use tamarind powder which is available on Asian specialty stores.

To the marinade I also added soy sauce, pepper, and garlic for an extra layer of umami. After letting the chicken soak in the flavorful marinade for at least 30 minutes, I simply arranged the pieces in my air fryer basket, sprayed them with a bit of oil and cooked them at 180C for 30-40 minutes, flipping them halfway.

The result? Tender, juicy chicken on the inside that was nicely browned and crispy on the outside – all without having to deep fry! Best of all, the chicken had taken on all the bright sour and savory flavors of traditional sinigang.  Serving it over steaming rice was so satisfying. Cleanup was also a breeze since there was minimal oil or mess involved compared to pan frying.

I’ve found air fryers are just so handy for quick weeknight meals since they allow you to “fry” foods with a fraction of the oil. They’re perfect for dishes like sinigang chicken wings since you get that crispy exterior without having to immerse the chicken in a pot of oil. Give it a try and let me know if you and your family agree this air fryer sinigang hits the spot!

Well that’s it for today’s post. I hope it gives you some inspiration for a new take on sinigang using your air fryer. As always, keep your questions and comments coming – I love hearing from my fellow mamas out there! Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter too if you want more tasty recipe ideas and easy weeknight meal solutions.

See you next time!

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