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Dear sweet moms and parents! April here helping you relax into motherhood from my tropical island home.

Today is a little gray and cold so I’m cooking a family favorite for wellbeing – Pansit Miki May Sabaw! These island-made noodles simmered in chicken broth is perfect for comforting weary souls. A simple yet satisfying dish that nurtures the spirit!

Miki noodles are made from wheat flour, egg, and water, expertly mixed and kneaded until the perfect consistency is achieved. The dough is then rolled and cut into thin, delicate strands, evoking a sense of artistry in the kitchen.

Pansit Miki may have a core identity, but it takes on various regional interpretations as it travels across the Philippines. From the bustling streets of Manila to the tranquil provinces, each region adds its unique touch, creating a nuance of flavors that reflect the diverse culinary landscape of the country.

So here’s a little side story, Pansit Miki is almost a religion here in Marinduque. We are proud to have our own version and consider island made Pansit Miki as the best. In the small eateries that dot the island, Miki is a default listing on the Menu. But you’ll hardly find Miking May Sabaw on the menu. That’s because it’s a hidden menu and you have to ask for it directly. It’s not a secret and everybody knows it but travelers and tourists might be missing this great dish! 

Like chicken soup, Pancit Miki May Sabaw is a comfort food that arises from the simplest means when prepared with love and care. While using just 4-5 main ingredients, this nourishing dish reconnects body and soul through scent, flavor, and warmth – restoring harmony and joy to weary spirits.

Enjoy rediscovering simple joys together,


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