Bridgerton Season 3 Review: Bridgerton Season 3: A Steamy Cup of Tea with a Side of Opinions

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Hey there, mamas! Calling all Bridgerton fans! Bridgerton Season 3 is finally here, and let me tell you, it’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I was able to watch the first part over the weekend and thought I’d share a brief Bridgertton Season 3 Review. We’ve got steamy romance, family drama galore, and enough twists to keep you guessing. Buckle up and get ready to spill some tea!

Character Growth: From Wallflowers to Wonderfully Realized

I think this season truly shines in how it develops the characters we’ve come to know and love (or maybe love to hate). Colin Bridgerton, once a bit of a clueless charmer who left Penelope Featherington feeling persistently overlooked, takes center stage. We witness his transformation into a more thoughtful and self-aware young man. A bit of understatement, that. He’s become more of a rake just like his brother Anthony before him having dalliances left and right as part of his self-development. Lol. I don’t know why but he seemed to have more spark with Penelope last season. But his interactions with Penelope, especially that heart-melting scene where he finally realizes his true feelings, are a highlight of the season. Grab your tissues, mamas, because you might just shed a happy tear. Penelope herself blossoms as well. We see her navigate the intricacies of the social season, all while keeping her secret identity as Lady Whistledown under wraps. The show unpacks her vulnerabilities and desires, making her a much more relatable character. Penelope’s journey towards self-empowerment, as she takes control of her destiny and asserts her independence, is a major focus. The season also addresses the broader theme of women’s agency within the constraints of Regency-era society.

New Blood on the Scene: A Breath of Fresh Air

We also get to know Francesca Bridgerton much better this season. As a wallflower herself, she’s mostly existed on the periphery of the main family drama. This time around, she steps out of the shadows and takes center stage in her own storyline. Her bit of a talk with Penelope about wallflowers is nice too. Was a bit surprised with her connection with John Stirling which adds a whole new layer to the Bridgerton family saga. Their romance is a slower burn than the central couple’s, but the undeniable emotional depth in their scenes is a welcome addition. We see Francesca grapple with personal malaise, navigate the expectations of society, and ultimately find a happiness she might not have expected. It’s a refreshing change to see a mature romance blossom on screen, and it gives us a deeper look into the lives of the entire Bridgerton family.

A Balancing Act: When Does More Become Too Much?

However, Season 3 isn’t without its flaws. The show tries to juggle a lot of storylines at once, and sometimes it stumbles a bit. The pacing can feel uneven, with the first few episodes focusing heavily on side characters, leaving our main couple, Colin and Penelope, on the back burner for a while. This might leave some viewers feeling frustrated, especially those eagerly anticipating their love story to unfold. Was it also trying to be a bit of everything for everyone? The season also touches on themes of social change and inclusion, with the introduction of diverse characters and storylines that reflect contemporary issues. The inclusion of differently-abled characters and the exploration of societal norms and expectations add a modern dimension to the historical setting. Ahemm, we got our very own representation in Lord Basilio’s character that sent the netizens arguing if it’s merely click-baiting Pinoys. And why does he have to be a jerk! Hummp.

The Featherington Follies: A Necessary Distraction, or a Distraction Too Far?

Another point of contention is the Featherington subplot involving the baby race. It was a bit obnoxious for me. While it certainly provides some lighthearted comic relief, it can feel a bit out of place compared to the show’s usual focus on grand balls and blossoming romances. Whether you find it a delightful diversion or a distracting detour might depend on your personal preference for the show’s overall tone.

To Love or Not to Love: A Season for Every Mood

Love it or hate it, Bridgerton Season 3 has sparked lively discussions among fans. Some viewers adore the slow-burn romance between Colin and Penelope, finding it deliciously drawn-out and full of anticipation. Others, however, might find the simmering tension frustrating and lacking in the usual Bridgerton spark. The season also wraps up with a delicious ending and I’d like to point out how it wonderfully played the confession. What’s a favorite though is the very clear asking of permission by Colin to ahemm -devour Penelope. The tension surrounding the potential discovery of Penelope’s secret adds a layer of suspense to the narrative. Colin’s eventual realization of Penelope’s true identity and the impact of this revelation on their relationship will be a key plot point to the next half of the Bridgerton Season 3.

The Final Sip: A Show Worth Savoring, Despite Its Imperfections

So, mamas, is Bridgerton Season 3 a diamond of the first water, or a bit of a tarnished gem? It’s a mixed bag, with beautiful character development and swoon-worthy moments balanced by uneven pacing and subplots that might not resonate with everyone. Despite its flaws, it’s a delightful escape into Regency romance, perfect for a night of relaxation with a steaming cup of tea (and maybe a slice of decadent cake!).

Now it’s your turn to dish, moms! Did you love the slow burn between Colin and Penelope, or were you hoping for a faster pace? Did the subplots add to your enjoyment, or did they take away from the main story? Who’s subplot are you rooting for? I’m eagerly awaiting for Lady Violet’s rediscovery of her garden with Lady Danbury’s brother! Let’s chat in the comments below!

Happy watching!

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