Easy Homemade Siomai

Easy Homemade Siomai

Do delicious dimsum dumplings.  Jump to the recipe. I made my first Siomai when I was in pregnant for my first child. It was a flat, unaappetizing looking poor thing! My husband said that it tasted great.  So I was happy with that. But memories of UP Los Banos and Papu’s Siomai always haunted me and […]

The Winds of Winter The Forsaken Chapter- Aeron’s Prophesies

My brother, who I trust to keep tabs with GRRM, his website, and Game of Thrones The Winds of Winter chapter releases, sent me a pm yesterday to tell me that apparently, he missed a release of a new chapter. GRRM read a chapter on Aeron at the Balticon (Science Fiction Convention) 2016. The crowd […]

How to Cook Sitsarong Trapilya

Its fiesta in the Philippines! Well, technically, the whole of May is the Fiesta Season. Since we cannot go home to Marinduque for May 31 celebration, my MIL thoughfully sent me the ones I would miss most (good stuff – Marinduque Kare Kare (kind of like dinuguan but made with innards), about 4 Pata from the pig sacrifice, […]

4 Sweet and Easy Tips on How You Should Register Your Business and Why

Ease of doing business in the Philippines according to World Bank is not an easy task. It is actually burdensome. As of 2016, Philippines is ranked #103rd over 189 economies in the world. Average procedure is 16 steps and takes about 29 days to complete. Yes, your majesty. Not to mention delay factors like incomplete papers and […]

Dog walking, does it count as an exercise?

I’ve been on and off exercise for quite some time now and not because I’m busy but because I prioritize other things. But lately, I made it a point that I should walk my dog, Nymeria, everyday during weekdays. Surely you would agree that dog walking would count as an exercise but if you were […]

Gourmet Tuyo Recipe

I discovered gourmet tuyo maybe about a decade ago. There was this one stall in Megamall that Paolo would delicately steer me out of every time were passing by. Its called Connies Kitchen and their bottled deli products are just to die for. I used to try and reverse engineer their products all the time. The bottled dulong, bottled daing, tinapa, bangus in corn oil, and of course, the gourmet tuyo.

Writing and Digressing

 Many, many years ago. Well, that sounds like an introduction to a rather long, convoluted story that my husband would make for our three year old daughter but I digress. Which is the point of the story, which is, to digress.             So, many, many years ago, back when I was in High School, around […]


Anak I   Sinasamba kita, paulit ulit at walang patid Habang iniaanak ng bawat ina ang mga suwail Mga sanggol na pipitas sa kanyang pasensya Ika’y pinatawad ko na.   Pinagpipitaganan ko ang bawat sambit, palatak Ang matining mong tinig na sisidlan Ng kalahating ako at kawalan. Iniibig kita ng walang habag.   Ipinagdarasal ko […]

The Professional Applicant

That it is hard to find a job is an understatement. It is way beyond hard. It is near impossible. Especially for undergraduates like me. Cashiers have to be accounting graduates. Waitresses have to be HRM graduates. Secretaries need to have Business Ad. Diploma under their sleeves. And experience is a magical word that you […]

Kangkong at Tokwa in Chili Garlic Sauce

One of my mother’s favorite dish when she’s on a budget is Kangkong with Tokwa in Oyster Sauce.  As children, we’re not one for vegetables and we’d often get the “sermon” about children starving somewhere in Africa.  When I got older, I outgrew that dislike and now it’s my turn for the speech about children […]

Spinach with Mushroom and Egg

I got some spinach from Baguio and saw this perfect recipe from Manila Spoon. Its a really simple recipe that only requires eggs, spinach, and mushroom. It also works well with kangkong if you don’t have spinach! Spinach with Mushroom and Egg Ingredients: Oil Butter Salt to taste Mushrooms (I used canned mushrooms.) A bunch […]